We are able to provide the full Comprehensive Evaluations for Children, Adolescents and Adults remotely through Telehealth (858-481-4988). If you are interested in having your evaluation in person, please let us know once you schedule your appointment online.

Support After a Diagnosis of ADHD

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What comes after a Diagnosis of ADHD?

In a follow-up session, we will discuss things such as:

  • Treatment options, including medication, therapy, and neurofeedback
  • School accommodations for children, adolescents, and college students; including how to implement a 504 or IEP or access student disability services at college.
  • How to explain ADHD to your child in a way they will understand and can be positive
  • How to help your significant other, as well as other close people in your life, understand your ADHD and how that impacts your ability to listen, initiate and follow through with tasks, and regulate your emotions.