We are able to provide the full Comprehensive Evaluations for Children, Adolescents and Adults remotely through Telehealth (858-481-4988). If you are interested in having your evaluation in person, please let us know once you schedule your appointment online.

Our Evaluation Process

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Step 1: Forms

Prior to meeting for your evaluation, you (or for a child, the parent) will complete a packet of forms, aimed at providing us with a comprehensive picture of your past and current functioning, including observations from someone who knows you well (parent, significant other, friend or sibling). We will want to understand your educational history, past and current stressors, history of anxiety and depression, learning challenges, and executive functioning skills (e.g., organization, time management, working memory, self-control). For children and adolescents, teacher input is an important component of the evaluation. For adults, work history helps provide us a well-rounded picture.

Forms are available through our secure patient portal. You will receive access once you schedule an appointment. Look for the email from “[email protected]” for access to the secure patient portal. Forms are also available as a downloadable packet on our website.

Step 2: Clinical Interview

Obtaining a well-rounded picture of your history and current functioning is critical to making an accurate diagnosis of ADHD. We will meet (either in person or through telehealth) to discuss your history, including your struggles, past and present, and what you hope to learn from this evaluation.

Step 3: Computerized Assessment of Auditory and Visual Attention 

A continuous performance test is a computerized task used to assess an individual’s auditory and visual attention. It is a measure of vigilance or sustained attention or attention over time. It is normed using a large group of same sex and age participants, so we can understand how well an individual is attending compared to their peers. The “task” is not intellectually challenging and there is no need to prepare ahead of time.  It is the most empirical way for us to evaluate an individual’s attention and is best understood in the context of all of the other information collected. CPT tests help to guide us with recommendations for students, as they help us understand how effective their visual and auditory attention are, and whether they have a strength or deficit in one or both areas of attentional functioning.

Step 4: Written Report

Following your evaluation, once all forms are received, and you have met with the psychologist, and taken the CPT, a report will be written and emailed to you to review. At that time, you may schedule an ADHD Follow Up session to discuss the results, recommendations, and any other questions you may have. Parents of young children may choose to meet without them so we may speak freely about the testing and treatment recommendations, while parents of older children and adolescents may choose to include them to better understand what the diagnosis means. All comprehensive assessments include a follow up session (Children/Adolescents and those adults who opt for the Comprehensive assessment). Adult Modified assessments do not include a follow up but individuals are welcome to schedule an optional follow up appointment at any time for an additional fee.

Step 5: Follow Up Session

Once you have had a chance to review your report, you may schedule a follow up session. The follow up session focuses on understanding your individual attentional difficulties (auditory and visual) and the impact on your current functioning. The session will help you better understand your past and current struggles in the context of an ADHD diagnosis and focus on treatment considerations. For students, discussion of accommodations available in school (elementary through college) and how to obtain them will be addressed. The impact of ADHD on social relationships will also be covered, as well as how to help others around you understand and support you. Medication, therapy, neurofeedback, and other ancillary support may also be discussed. Individuals are welcome to include significant others in their session they believe might benefit from the information presented.

*While Adult Modified Evaluations do not include a follow up session, individuals are welcome to schedule one at any time, at an additional cost.  

We are not a “Quick Diagnosis” clinic. We have been established since 2009 and have helped hundreds of individuals and families understand and navigate the complexities of ADHD. Our reports are comprehensive and assist providers in the treatment of the individual and their family.

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