We are able to provide the full Comprehensive Evaluations for Children, Adolescents and Adults remotely through Telehealth (858-481-4988). If you are interested in having your evaluation in person, please let us know once you schedule your appointment online.

ADHD Center for Success

Evaluation, Education, and Treatment of Attention Disorders
in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Established in 2009…..The First Comprehensive ADHD Targeted Assessments Available

Offering Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations Remotely and In Person
(Available throughout the States of California, Florida and Hawaii)

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Welcome to the ADHD Center for Success - Established in 2009

Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD is a comprehensive process. For children and adolescents it involves collaboration of parents, teachers, and experienced health professionals. In the case of adults, it may include observations from someone who knows you well (significant other, sibling, friend or parent) as well as collaboration with a current therapist, psychiatrist or primary care provider. Unlike other disorders, there is no one medical, physical or genetic test for ADHD but instead requires a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified mental health care professional or physician who gathers information from multiple sources.

The goal of our evaluation is to determine the underlying cause(s) of an individual’s current difficulties. There are times when the symptoms reported might appear to be consistent with a diagnosis of ADHD but instead may be caused by anxiety or depression or some other factor. These factors can also co-exist with a diagnosis of ADHD, especially in the case of a late diagnosis, and are important to identify and address in the evaluation and treatment process.

The ADHD Center for Success is committed to providing individuals and families the most current and effective evaluation and treatment programs. Ongoing support and education, and collaboration with schools and healthcare providers is a key component of our program. We offer specialized evaluations for Adults who have struggled with attention and focus since childhood and often wondered if they had ADHD but have never been formally assessed or diagnosed. We also offer evaluations for adults needing an updated evaluation, or those that never had a formal evaluation and need one to continue treating their ADHD with their provider.  For more information on our Adult Evaluations click the button below.

I don’t lack the ability to focus. I have the super mind powers to focus on tons of things all at the same time.
– Anonymous

What We Do

Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation and Treatment

  • - ADHD Evaluation (Children, Adolescents, Adults)
  • - Modified Adult Evaluations (for adults wanting a definitive diagnosis & a cost effective alternative)
  • -Assessment of Anxiety and Depression 
  • - Executive Function Assessment
  • - Sensory Processing Assessment
  • - Individual, Couple & Parent Counseling
Consultation and Education

Consultation and Education

  • - Parent/Significant Other Education about ADHD
  • - Parent Guidance and Behavioral Modification Support
  • - School Consultation and Support in the Classroom
  • - IEP and 504 Support and Assistance
  • - Follow-up testing to Evaluate Medication Effectiveness

Established in 2009, we are not a “Quick Diagnosis” clinic. We have helped hundreds of individuals and families understand and navigate the complexities of ADHD. Our assessment battery was custom designed after years of working in the field of ADHD, and our reports are comprehensive and assist providers in the treatment of the individual and their family.

The ADHD Center for Success offers comprehensive evaluations
throughout the states of California, Florida, and Hawaii

Let Us Help You Get A Definitive Diagnosis

Whether you need an evaluation for your child or adolescent, or you are an adult that has been wondering most of your life whether you have ADHD despite all of your accomplishments, we are here to answer any questions you may have and help you get the definitive diagnosis and treatment recommendations to help you achieve your goals. The first clinic to design a comprehensive, targeted, and cost-effective ADHD Evaluation, we recognize the importance of also assessing for related issues such as depression, anxiety, sensory issues, and executive function.

To get in touch, visit our Contact page, give us a call, or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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REMOTE or IN PERSON. Our Evaluations, ADHD Follow-up visits, and Parent Guidance Sessions are offered both in person and remotely. This has enabled us to provide our services to more people throughout the state of California and expand our services to the states of Florida, and Hawaii. The evaluation is the same whether it is remote or in person.

NEW EVALUATIONS: All of our Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations, both Child/Adolescent/Adult as well as Modified Adult Evaluations, are offered in person (San Diego Location only) or remotely through a HIPAA compatible video platform, SimplePractice. This platform enables us to offer these services to many more people throughout the states of California, Florida, and Hawaii, who would not normally have access to the comprehensive evaluations offered at The ADHD Center for Success. The computerized, continuous performance test will be conducted remotely (instead of in our office) on your own computer in a live session, followed by a Clinical Interview done through Telehealth by video.

Forms for the evaluation will be sent to you through our secure patient portal once you have scheduled an evaluation. Look for the email from “[email protected]” for the invitation to the secure portal. Forms must be completed at home prior to the evaluation, and uploaded to your portal 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Alternatively, the forms are also available as a packet to download on our website, which you can then upload to your portal (or for the technologically challenged, you may email or fax them back to us) prior to your evaluation.

If you live near San Diego and prefer to come into the office, please let us know once you have scheduled your evaluation, In person Evaluations are available Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Evaluations scheduled on Mondays and Fridays are provided remotely only.

We reserve space each week for new evaluations. You are welcome to schedule online at your convenience. Reports are completed approximately 3 weeks from when we have received all of your completed forms. Click for more information about our remote evaluations and computer requirements for remote testing.