We are able to provide the full Comprehensive Evaluations for Children, Adolescents and Adults remotely through Telehealth (858-481-4988). If you are interested in having your evaluation in person, please let us know once you schedule your appointment online.


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The ADHD Center for Success is excited to offer our Comprehensive Evaluations and Modified Adult Evaluations throughout the state of Florida.

All evaluations are administered remotely by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Once scheduled, you will receive access to the patient portal to complete the forms, and then the links for the video conference and computerized assessment (Continuous Performance Test – CPT) part of the evaluation.

Serving Florida Remotely

Our Remote Evaluation does not compromise the integrity of the assessment, as it includes all of the assessment instruments (completed by the client, their designated others such as teachers, parents, spouses, friends, etc), the clinical interview and the Continuous Performance Test (CPT), which is a measure of your attention in “real time.” The only difference is using our computer in the office to do the CPT versus yours at home while we are online together. The clinical interview is the same, whether remote or in person.

We are not a “Quick Diagnosis” clinic. We have been established since 2009 and have helped hundreds of individuals and families understand and navigate the complexities of ADHD. Our reports are comprehensive and assist providers in the treatment of the individual and their family.

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Fees and Insurance

Fees and Insurance

Our Evaluation Process

Our Evaluation Process